As a key ability to offer professional service, we are likely to help you make your idea into real product. Everything new production comes from fresh idea,  and what makes different is the these ideas. As a designer, the problem you met is always to find a team to realized your ideas out, and that really cost a lot on communication, back and forth.   And what’s more that cost a lot $ for development.  So some designers have to give up their idea that seems not workable, but if you can consider further and deeper, there are always some solutions if the construction don’t have structural problems. 


Our team can make your development at a very competitive price:

 Normally we offer offer free sample when you achieve our free sample policy,send email to us,and we will evalaute.And there is notice that you should know: 

• If the material used oversea country that you requested, you need to order by yourselves or we can order for you but you need to pay all these cost, including the shipping cost, material etc.

• After samples finished, you need to provide your account no#, we will ship to you at your cost. 

• For all prototype that you would like to see, we can send you at one time and you can make correction on them, then we can proceed samples after receive your ok. 

You can ask us to make quotation base on samples, that cost for nothing.   And if you think we can support your business, we will continue to proceed. And if you have any supplier that would like to take your orders based on these samples, they need to pay $100 for all kits, last, color swatches everything.  

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