1 What is the lead time for sample development?

For new construction/new patterns, no mould opening, it takes 2 weeks from the date that we received your sketches.

For existing construction, new patterns, it takes 10 days from the date that we receive your sketches.

2 what is the lead time for production ?

Normally it takes 2 months upon order confirmed, sometime it’s a little bit longer specially the end of year. We suggest you finalized your orders as early as possible if you need an early delivery.

3 What’s your MOQ?

For leathers shoes, MOQ is 300 pairs/style cross 2 colors.

For PU shoes, MOQ is 600 pairs/style cross 2 colors.

4 Can I buy styles that you design ?

Off course, you can buy or refer our design to create your own collection that fits your line.  Every season starts, we will work out direction and communicate with customer, the will input their information/detail to be theirselves.

5 Where is your factory?

Our factory locates in Dongguan China, and we also has multiple factory base outside of Dongguan, from the middle size to the big size, from 300 pairs to 5000 pairs, we can provide the factory information to you, and if you has some special requirement, like factory audit, there is also no problem.

And if you would like to visit the factory, just send email to me, we will manage it.

6 Can I have more detail about the cost of samples development?

Normally we offer free sample when you achieve our free sample policy, send email to us, we will evalaute for you.

7 Tell me something about the price?

It depends on, different material/ styles and different requirement determine the price. But we assure you our price maintain at very competitive position, you can send us email/real samples to evaluate the price.

8 I want to design my collection, how should I start to work with you?

Firstly you need to generate the direction/sketches/drawing anything that is showing style you want, and pass to us, we will study and communicate for anything unclear.

Second, we will send you the prototype, the actual samples or image by email, you can make correction based on these imaged/prototype until confirm.

Third, once prototype confirmed, you need to send us the specification that describe all color and material detail, we follow your specification to make samples/sales samples.

 I would suggest you just test our service,   2-3 styles or one project( 1 construction with 2-3 upper patterns), and when you received everything we made, you can evaluate if to continue or not.

Even you would like to place order with us, you also do the same way, to test one order, not exceed 1000pairs, after you receive the production, you can evaluate the whole service/process.

9 What’s your requirement if we start to cooperate?

First is the payment term, we need do LC , or deposit at least 30%, before shipment after inspection ok, transfer the balance of payment.

Second, when we made quotation, you need to let us know all of your requirement, like testing, factory evaluation, packing anything that is related with the cost, then we can give you an accurate cost for reference.

10 Can you design and produce other categories, like bags ?

For now, we only design/produce ladies shoes,  once we are ready to extend our service on other categories, we will let you know.

Send us email, to raise your question. we will reply you within 24 hours.

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